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Sunflower Confetti

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Step into a world of sunshine and joy with our Sunflower Petal Confetti! These petals aren't just flowers; they are vibrant bursts of nature's happiness, carefully harvested and preserved to add a touch of radiant charm to your special moments.

Picture your guests being welcomed by the warm, golden hues of these petals, creating a breathtaking contrast against any backdrop. Whether you're planning an outdoor garden wedding, an elegant indoor celebration, or a bohemian beach party, these petals serve as the ideal finishing touch, infusing your event with the spirit of blooming sunflowers.

Each petal carries the story of the sun-soaked fields from which it was gathered, embodying the essence of the meadows where sunflowers sway gracefully in the breeze. As you scatter them, you're not just sprinkling petals; you're sharing a piece of nature's poetry with your loved ones. These Sunflower Petals are the final flourish that elevates the ambiance, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.

Let's talk quantities with the same meticulous attention to detail that we devote to every aspect of your event. Our Sunflower Petal Confetti is carefully measured, with each liter thoughtfully curated to cater to approximately 10 to 12 guests. This precision allows you to plan your confetti moments with confidence, ensuring there's the perfect amount for each person to participate in this enchanting experience.

Imagine it: every guest, young and old, holding a handful of these radiant petals, ready to shower you with love and best wishes. It's more than just confetti; it's a shared experience, a moment of unity and joy that everyone can embrace.

Let your event blossom with the warmth and beauty of our Sunflower Petal Confetti. With just the right amount for every guest, you can transform your celebration into a sun-kissed wonderland that will be cherished for years to come. Let the petals fall, and let the magic rise! 🌻✨


Confetti is sent to you in a re - sealable bag which if kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, will keep for months, although we generally advise you to buy confetti 6-12 months in advance to reduce the risk of color fade.

Single litres are sold without cones and will serve approx 10 - 12 guests depending on your method of distribution.

Most of confetti cones hold 80 mls - 100mls. It may help to use the guide below (based on 80ml cones).

1 Litre = 12 Guests

2 Litre = 24 Guests

3 Litre = 36 Guests

4 Litre = 48 Guests

5 Litre = 60 Guests

6 Litre = 72 Guests

7 Litre = 84 Guests

8 Litre = 96 Guests

9 Litre = 108 Guests

10 Litre = 120 Guests

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